Our Mission

Our Mission
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Dear Friends, 

We are the traders, trade for our own and along with that we wish to enhance awareness about education, learning and discipline among trading community.  We are not engaged in the "Tips Providing" business. The fees which are collected for this mission is a fund raising tool. The whole fund of fees so collected is utilized for the social welfare of students who are clever but cannot afford to pay for education.

Following quotes define our mission in detail.....

Your contribution through such training fees inspires us in our mission.....


Yesterday a meeting held with 17 traders from a local sub brokerage house for awareness of discipline and determination in trading activities. All the traders are positional traders and have joined us.

Up till now the fund collected as fees is utilized in the social welfare of poor, but clever students.
Now we are expanding our activities.....with the help of such group membership.

We decide to utilize the fund so collected in group membership in enhancing awareness 
for the organ transplant.

 We are grateful to Sharekhan's sub broker and PromonetIndia for helping us in these activities.


  1. i am very happy to learn that the fund raing is used for the good cause. i want to be one member for the good cause and the creteria may kindly be conveyed to my mail as the details of subscription sorry donation.

  2. Its certainly worth mentioning the noble cause for the fund raising, and the purpose of the fees. That clears the doubts.

    Will look forward to be more involved with the activities.

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