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Dear Traders

o       You might have subscribed to many Analyst giving Stock Trading Tips. They claim that their clients are earning huge money.
o       You might have attended so many seminars and listened to lectures on various topics like Fibonacci numbers, pivot points, Elliot waves, dow theory, gann theory etc. etc.
o       You might have bought and read so many e-books, CDs and DVDs showing their extra ordinary results.
o       You might have got free tips from your friends, from your brokers, from TV channels, from newspapers etc. etc.

But the net result is a zero
Ohh…! not only zero, but a Big Big Zeeero….

 Imagine you are losing most of your hard earned money in the stock market…

Imagine how you feel, if you are losing even your hard earned savings every day step by step in stock   market…..

At last you are frustrated and decided to quit stock market.

But mind well......

Quitters never win….

Now…  Don’t be a loser any more

Just Discover
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Stock Market

Firstly, I would advise you to examine yourself about your own trading, examine the reasons why you are losing in trading.

Mostly you enter either buy or sell trade as per the tips you have subscribed for or from your friends or broker or from TV channels or newspapers, but never follow the tips in full and final way. What I mean to say you hardly use the given stop loss order for the tips got. Many a times you keep psychological stop loss means determine to cut your trade if the stop loss level arrives, but when the price moves to that stop loss level, you change your decision and determine your own stop loss level for that particular trade.

Many a times you enter a trade for intra day, but when price moves against your expectations not keeping stop loss, you change the term of your trade and become positional trader for that trade, and ultimately you become investor for that stock. And whenever price moves just a little bit higher or below your entry level, you forget your target set at the time of entering the trade, and you exit from the trade just to release your funds, earning minor profit. Again you enter for intraday trade and do the same mistakes very often. This process of changing from intra day trader to investor and from investor to intraday trader continues for a long time. Ultimately you cannot do your intra day trading nor positional trading efficiently due to lack of enough liquidity of funds.

Some times after entering into a trade without using stop loss tool, price moves against your expectations for such a longer period of time that you tired with that trade and cut the trade in a heavy loss.

If you use your stop loss tool without considering the daily volatility of the market, naturally it will hit very often resulting into losses.

Many a times, you enter into a long trade in script A without making any plan for that trade, and when price moves against your expectations, and at the same time you find some another script B with rising price, you are tempted to cut your previous trade in loss and enter into another long trade in the script B. But unfortunately what happens, you enter into long trade in script B at such a higher level that as soon as you enter in it, its price starts declining……again you find yourself in losing trade. You again cut your that trade making loss….loss and nothing but loss….And this continues for many a times.

Why does this happen to you….?

It is only and only due to lack of knowledge of technical analysis. If you are aware of resistance and support levels of that particular script, you may not have gone for a long trade at a higher price, instead wait for level to come to enter into a trade.

In each market, price is determined by the buyers (the bulls) and sellers (the bears). If there are more buyers than the sellers, price tends to go up and if the sellers dominate the market, the price tends to go down. But in case of intra day, it is impossible to know who is going to rule the market for that particular day, whether bulls or bears. And lack of this knowledge leads you to losses.

In short, you earn little & little, but lose more & more, this practice ultimately reduces your capital to a great extent.

Just watch the following chart, and ask yourself, whether you are practicing this or not…..?

In fact, in case of intra day trading system, profit can be earned only if you have enough capacity to judge the intraday market trends. And you have sufficient positioning capacity. Intra day trading in smaller quantity with expectations to make huge profits is not possible at all. And intra day trading in bigger quantity involves huge risk. This is so because in case of intra day trading you have to collect little little profits and hence quantity has to be kept bigger, smaller quantity gives you profits, but in total it will look too much small and negligible considering your expectations.  In short, to earn to the level of expectations, one is required to enter in to intra day trade in big quantity with big risk involvement.

If you really want to earn huge profits with limited capital requirements, with limited risk involvement, you must be equipped with
-        an efficient trading system,
-        an efficient money management
-        an efficient trading psychology.
And all these three components are too much important that if you are missing any one, you may have to face struggle in trading.

In stock market, trades can be done intra day or positional. If you are capable of devoting enough time to sit before the terminal, if you are capable of trading with right positioning, if you are capable of judging daily market trends efficiently, then and then you should accept intra day trading system, otherwise should remain positional trader. All the above mentioned three components can be easily adopted, if you remain positional trader.

Big big money can be made with low risk involvement, with limited amount of investment only in case of positional trading system, and more particularly in swing trading system having enough knowledge of technical analysis.

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