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II 108 Names of Lord Krishna II

Achala                       Still Lord
Achyuta                     Infallible Lord
Adbhutah                  Wonderful God
Adidev                       The Lord Of The Lords
Aditya                        The Son Of Aditi
Ajanma                      One Who Is Limitless And Endless
Ajaya                         The Conqueror Of Life And Death
Akshara                     Indestructible Lord
Amrut                         One Who Is Sweet As Nectar
Anaadih                     One Who Is The First Cause
Anandsagar               Compassionate Lord
Ananta                       The Endless Lord
Anantajit                    Ever Victorious Lord
Anaya                         One Who Has No Leader
Aniruddha                  One Who Cannot Be Obstructed
Aparajeet T                The Lord Who Cannot Be Defeated
Avyukta                      One Who Is As Clear As Crystal
Balgopal                    The Child Krishna, The All Attractive
Bali                             The Lord Of Strength
Chaturbhuj                 Four-Armed Lord
Danavendra               Granter Of Boons
Dayalu                        Repositiory Of Compassion
Dayanidhi                  The Compassionate Lord
Devadidev                 The God Of The Gods
Devakinandan           Son Of Mother Devaki
Devesh                       Lord Of The Lords
Dharmadhyaksha     The Lord OF Dharma
Dwarkapati                Lord Of Dwarka
Gopal                         One Who Plays With The Cowherds, The Gopas
Gopalpriya                Lover Of Cowherds
Govinda                    One Who Pleases The Cows, The Land And The Entire Nature
Gyaneshwar             The Lord Of Knowledge
Hari                            The Lord Of Nature
Hiranyagarbha         The All Powerful Creator
Hrishikesh                The Lord Of All Senses
Jagadguru                Preceptor Of The Universe
Jagadisha                 Protector Of All
Jagannath                Lord Of The Universe
Janardhana              One Who Bestows Boons On One And All
Jayantah                  Conqueror Of All Enemies
Jyotiraaditya            The Resplendence Of The Sun
Kamalnath                The Lord Of Goddess Lakshmi
Kamalnayan             The Lord With Lotus Shaped Eyes
Kamsantak               Slayer Of Kamsa
Kanjalochana           The Lotus-Eyed God
Keshava                   One Who Has Long, Black Matted Locks
Krishna                     Dark-Complexioned Lord
Lakshmikantam       The Lord Of Goddess Lakshmi
Lokadhyaksha          Lord Of All The Three Lokas (Worlds)
Madan                       The Lord Of Love
Madhava                   Knowledge Filled God
Madhusudan            Slayer Of Demon Madhu
Mahendra                 Lord Of Indra
Manmohan               All Pleasing Lord
Manohar                   Beautiful Lord
Mayur                       The Lord Who Has A Peacock Feathered-Crest
Mohan                      All Attractive God
Murali                       The Flute Playing Lord
Murlidhar                 One Who Holds The Flute
Murlimanohar          The Flute Playing God
Nandgopala             The Son Of Nand
Narayana                  The Refuge Of Everyone
Niranjana                  The Unblemished Lord
Nirguna                     Without Any Properties
Padmahasta             One Who Has Hands Like Lotus
Padmanabha            The Lord Who Has A Lotus Shaped Navel
Parabrahmana         The Supreme Absolute Truth
Paramatma               Lord Of All Beings
Parampurush           Supreme Personality
Parthasarthi             Charioteer Of Partha - Arjuna
Prajapati                   Lord Of All Creatures
Punyah                     Supremely Pure
Purshottam              The Supreme Soul
Ravilochana             One Who Eye Is The Sun
Sahasraakash          Thousand-Eyed Lord
Sahasrajit                 One Who Vanquishes Thousands
Sahasrapaat             Thousand-Footed Lord
Sakshi                       All Witnessing Lord
Sanatana                  The Eternal Lord
Sarvajana                 Omniscient Lord
Sarvapalaka             Protector Of All
Sarveshwar              Lord Of All Gods
Satyavachana          One Who Speaks Only The Truth
Satyavrata                The Truth Dedicated Lord
Shantah                    Peaceful Lord
Shreshta                   The Most Glorious Lord
Shrikanta                  Beautiful Lord
Shyam                       Dark-Complexioned Lord
Shyamsundara         Lord Of The Beautiful Evenings
Sudarshana              Handsome Lord
Sumedha                   Intelligent Lord
Suresham                  Lord Of All Demi-Gods
Swargapati                Lord Of Heavens
Trivikrama                 Conqueror Of All The Three Worlds
Upendra                    Brother Of Indra
Vaikunthanatha        Lord Of Vaikuntha, The Heavenly Abode
Vardhamaanah         The Formless Lord
Vasudev                    All Prevailing Lord
Vishnu                       All Prevailing Lord
Vishwadakshinah    Skilfull And Efficient Lord
Vishwakarma           Creator Of The Universe
Vishwamurti             Of The Form Of The Entire Universe
Vishwarupa              One Who Displays The Universal Form
Vishwatma               Soul Of The Universe
Vrishaparvaa            Lord Of Dharma
Yadavendra              King Of The Yadav Clan
Yogi                          The Supreme Master
Yoginampati             Lord Of The Yogi

When the last journey became a festival 

87-Year-Old Social Worker’s Body Donated To Sola Medical College

Ahmedabad: Death of nears and dears is generally considered a mournful occasion as the body is taken for the last journey amid tearful eyes of the relatives. However, when the body of Bhikhu Shah, 87, a resident of Shastrinagar, Naranpura, was carried out in a procession, it was not a case of mourning, but of festivity as the body reached amid music and drum beats to Sola Medical College on SG Highway on Monday morning. 
Shah became the third body donor from his family and it was his last wish that he be taken for the donation in a festive mood and that nobody shed tears on his death. As for him, itwas the beginning of a new life where his body would be helpful for research by budding medical professionals.
    Mayur Shah, Bhikhubhai’s sonin-law, told TOI that Shah had come in contact with Farsubhai Kakkad of Satkarya Sewa Samaaj and got to know about the eye donation and body donation activities. Impressed by the concept, Shah also spread message about the activities in his relatives after which six had pledged to donate their bodies.

    “The first of the donors was his wife Subhadra, 87, who died in 2002. The second donor was his sister Shardaben, 75, who died in 2007. Both the bodies were donated to BJ Medical College. On Monday morning, Shah, who was suffering from old-age illness breathed his last. After completing the last rites, we contacted Farsubhai and Sola Medical College for the body donation,” said Mayur Shah.
    Dr H R Jadav, head, anatomy department, Sola Medical College, said
that it was a memorable occasion as more than 300 students and faculty members made human chain and paid respect to the deceased when the body was brought to the campus for donation. “Right from the entrance to the morgue, Shah was given honour of a special guest as relatives paid homage to him after prayers. We laud the spirit of the man who dedicated life for social work and even continued to contribute to social growth with the gesture,” he said.
Farsubhai said that his organization so far has been instrumental in getting 286 body donations that come from various medical colleges in Ahmedabad and other cities of the state. “The scenario has undergone a sea change in the past one decade as more and more people are coming to the fore for the donation after we tell them about acute shortage of bodies in government medical colleges. We’ve also mooted a proposal of a dead body stock unit with the state government so that the bodies can be used by more students across the state,” he said.

A precious gift Talking about the contemporary scenario of body donation in the state, Dr Jadav said that a medical college on an average needs 15 to 20 cadavers for introducing students to human anatomy and conducting trial surgeries before applying it to the patient. “Earlier, there were three medical colleges in the city that has now increased to five. Likewise, number of medical colleges in the state has seen manifold rise. Thus, we need around 100 bodies every year. In such a scenario, the initiative taken by Shah is commendable,” he said.

Gorilla.....&...Lioness.....under one tree.....???

Car Decoration..............!!!!!


River over river.....!!!


If you want peace.....Here it is......!!!


Where is Truth....?

A man once visited a temple under construction where he saw a sculptor making an idol of God. Suddenly he noticed a similar idol lying nearby. Surprised, he asked the sculptor, "Do you need two statues of the same idol?"

"No," said the sculptor without looking up, "We need only one, but the first one got damaged at the last stage."

The gentleman examined the idol and found no apparent damage. "Where is the damage?" he asked.

"There is a scratch on the nose of the idol." said the sculptor, still busy with his work.

"Where are you going to install the idol?" The sculptor replied that it would be installed on a pillar twenty feet high.

"If the idol is that far, who is going to know that there is a scratch on the nose?" the gentleman asked.

The sculptor stopped his work, looked up at the gentleman, smiled and said, "I will know it."

The desire to excel is exclusive of the fact whether someone else appreciates it or not. "Excellence" is a drive from inside, not outside.

Watch the following clip for dabate on Swami Vivekanand............





My Salutations to Gurudev who revealed to me that Truth, which is unfragmented, infinite, timeless divinity, and which pervades the entire universe – movable or unmovable.

My Salutations to Gurudev who opened my eyes, by applying the divine principle of self-knowledge in my eyes, which had got blinded by the cataract of ignorance.

My Salutations to Gurudev who revealed to me that which pervades everything in this world, whether animate-inanimate, or movable-immovable.

My salutations to Gurudev who revealed to me that self-effulgent divinity (the pure unconditioned consciousness) which pervades all the three worlds, with all its movable and immovable objects.

My Salutations to Gurudev who is like a sun for the blossoming up of the lotus like mantras of upanishads; and at whose lotus feet lie the beautiful flowers, symbolizing the best of jewels of vedas.

My Salutations to Gurudev who is verily the eternal consciousness, which is of the nature of peace. You transcend space (& time), the concept of zero, the primordial sound and all parts.

My Salutations to Gurudev, who is established in Knowledge and Power, who is adorned with the garland-of -Knowledge and who grants both worldly prosperity and spiritual liberation.

My Salutations to Gurudev who by imparting the Self-Knowledge, has burnt away the very bondage of actions in a whiff, which had even though taken infinite lives to accumulate.

Even by the very sipping of the charanamruta (the water with which the feet of Gurudev are washed), we get blessed by the eternal wealth (of liberating knowledge), and which dries up the endless ocean of seeking & the subsequent sorrows. My Salutations to the lotus-feet of This Gurudev.

There is no higher truth than the Guru, no higher penance than (service to) the Guru, and there is nothing higher than Realisation of the Knowledge of the truth imparted by the Guru. My salutations to such a Gurudev, who is himself that very timeless truth (and who has taken up a form to bless his disciples like me with real knowledge).

The Gurudev is the beginning of the Universe, yet he himself is without a beginning, the Guru is the highest deity, and there is none higher than the Guru. My salutations at the lotus-feet of such a Gurudev.

O Sir! You are my mother, my father, my brother, and my friend. You are the knowledge, my real wealth.

Always wishing your soft hand upon my head for your blessings

The Socrates "Triple Filter Test".......Apply these filters in Stock market too...........

In ancient Greece, Socrates was reputed to hold knowledge in high esteem. One day an acquaintance met the great
philosopher and said, “Do you know what I just heard about your friend?”

Hold on a minute,” Socrates replied. “Before telling me anything, I’d like you to pass a little test. It’s called the Triple Filter Test.”

“Triple filter?”

That’s right,” Socrates continued. “Before you talk to me about my friend, it might be a good idea to take a moment and filter what you’re going to say. That’s why I call it the triple filter test. The first filter is TRUTH. “Have you made absolutely sure that what you are about to tell me is true?”

“No,” the man said, “actually I just heard about it and…”

All right,” said Socrates. “So you don’t really know if it’s true or not. Now let’s try the second filter, the filter of GOODNESS. “Is what you are about to tell me about my friend something good?”

“No, on the contrary…”

“So”, Socrates continued, “you want to tell me something bad about my friend, but you’re not certain it’s true. You may still pass the test though, because there’s one filter left: the filter of USEFULNESS. “Is what you want to tell me about my friend going to be useful to me?”

“No… not really…”

“Well,” concluded Socrates, “If what you want to tell me is neither true nor good nor useful, why tell it to me at all?”

This is why Socrates was a great philosopher and held in such high esteem. So, lets use this triple filter each time we hear loose talk about any of our near & dear ones (friends/relatives/colleagues). It will save us time and trouble.
Apply these filters of True......Good....and Useful Stock Market Trading............


Read the following interview ………and apply the same in stock market trading ………

Recently Sachin Tendulkar was in Pune he is now brand ambassador of Pune’s well known construction group called Amit Enterprises.In that visit, his public interview was organized by the said group.
The question was asked... What cricket teaches you? Because though you have scored 14000 plus can bowl out on the first ball too?
Sachin: First of all…. Cricket has taught me to stay on stable level… because the moment you starts to think, that you are bigger than the sport or your profession then it’s sure that you are going to bowl out on the first ball….because No one is bigger than the game or his profession; …As a young kid “the name, the fame & photographs in Daily news papers on regular basis in those days was not a normal thing for one middle class family, but neither my family nor me get carried away by these things … If I had scored a century then at the most we used to keep sweets or Pedhas in front of god,…. but after that simple celebration … the success was never discussed too much…too long… Cricket teaches you, how to deal with various situations & to find out solution in those situations…one should not get carried away by the success neither get extremely disappointed by the bad one… In the difficult situation How you react… determines your next step….suppose, If you are playing a test match … and if your team is batting first on the first day of the test match and in the first session, at lunch if the score board is 3 for 60 & if you are batting on 21 then you will have to think in this manner that if “I will stay” then end of the day, I shall be at 120-30 and my team’s score would be 270 or 280…. “Get rich slowly…..””Get Rich Step by Step…..”
This was Sachin’s first ever…. almost one hour Marathi Interview,in five parts … in front of big crowd, in his long last 21 years carrier. Hope so, that, those who are able to understand Hindi, would understand the same...